Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Year Six - The way to preserve food ( Part 4 )

8. Cooling and Freezing

   - are the most common forms of food preservation.
   - Cooling slows down the action of microorganisms, thus it take longer to
   - It allows fruit from different parts of the world to appear on our
     supermarket shelves.

   - At freezing temperature,microorganisms become inactive,thus food cannot
     spoil when it is frozen.


  - kills most bacteria. However, those not affected by heat will grow when the
    conditions are suitable.

10. Smoking

  - is the process of drying food with smoke for a long period of time.

  - This method is mainly used for fish,meat and fruit such as banana.

  - The drying effects of smoke and the chemicals produced from the smoke help
    to preserve the food.