Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Year Six - Food Preservation

- Food undergoes changes that makes it spoil.These changes can be detected by
  smell, taste, touch or sight.Spoilt food is unsafe to eat.

- Stickiness under the chicken wings and darkening of their tips indicate  

- Fish is no longer fresh when the flesh has changed texture. It is no longer
  firm when pressed with a finger. It also has an unpleasant smell.

- We are blessed with many varieties of food. However, our food may be infected
  with microorganisms.Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria can cause 
  food to spoil.

- The fruit and vegetables above have been affected by moulds. They become 
  mouldy and changed colour.

- Food turns sour because the bacteria in it produced acids. A common example
  is when the milk turns sour, giving it an unpleasent taste.When it is  
  opened, frothy liquid and an unpleasant smell will indicate spoilage.

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